About The Maccabee Foundation

Maccabim/Maccabee Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting social equality and cohesion by means of educational achievement. To achieve this goal, the foundation focuses on assisting students of all higher educational institutions in Israel, while preferring students with Iranian descent and especially ones who made “Aliyah”. In addition, the foundation provides assistance to researchers engaged in the study of the cultural heritage of Iranian Jews, and Iranian studies as well as activities which contributes to the advancement of the community of Iranian descent in Israel in diverts areas of higher education.

The Foundation was founded in 1995 and was initiated by cooperation of prominent public figures in the State of New York, the USA. The latter founders of the foundation are and have been deeply committed to the security needs, social welfare and cohesion of the Israeli society.

Loyal partners of the foundation since its establishment have been the members of the American Jewish Federation in New York, by Mr. Sion Mahfar and Mr. Elias Kalimian, Mr. Iraj Lalezari, Mr. Amir Bokhour and Mr. Salim Morad. The activities in foundation in Israel are directed by Prof. David Menashri, Chairman of the foundation since its inception.

In the course of the last two decades, the foundation has awarded over 15 Million Dollars in scholarships to over 10,000 students studying in a variety of fields, including medicine, law, engineering, chemistry, natural sciences and more. The foundation had also supported many research students over the last years.

Between 2010-2016, most scholarship receivers, are 2nd generation Iranian descendents. There is a considerable number of recipients which were born in Iran averaging at 55 per year. There are about 130 recipients of 3rd generation Iranian descendents or no Iranian linkage and the Maccabee Foundation is proud to be of assistance to these students which emerge from very difficult socioeconomic backgrounds.

The loan scholarship is the main scholarship provided and recipients are required to return half of the loan up to two years from graduation. The Maccabee Foundation is highly satisfied by the phenomenal return rate, averaging at 98%, due to the gratitude of loan scholarship receivers.

The annual ceremony of awarding scholarships, takes place at Tel-Aviv University and it is held in the presence of major public figures, donor representative from abroad, representatives of the universities and over a thousand students and their family members.

The Maccabee foundation in Israel, has a management committee consisting of twelve volunteering members who convene several times a year. Members of the scholarship committee in charge of examining the applications are public figures from the community and academicians.